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Let us share our insight and expertise with you to ensure the fastest and most successful chocolate launch in a hot climate market, or anywhere else in the world.

With AAK, you get the right solution for your chocolate product as well as a partner with the right market knowledge and know-how within chocolate oils and fats.

At AAK we have experience working in close collaboration with our customers every step of the way, from idea generation to production to launch. We are present in growth markets around the world, giving us a local understanding of market trends and needs.

Hot climate markets currently represent 85 percent of the total projected growth in the confectionery industry (Source: Euromonitor). However, many chocolate products launched in hot climate markets have resulted in product withdrawals and quality complaints due to heat-instability and compromised quality. Putting together the right solution to beat bloom in your chocolate while securing sensory requires substantial knowledge and resources. At AAK we provide a full range of services that can help you all the way from idea to launch.


  • Scope, test and evaluate your chocolate formulation
  • Set up production equipment
  • Provide guidance for improved and more efficient production
  • Deliver market insights and knowledge
  • Help you bring your chocolate to the relevant markets
  • Offer ongoing optimization and support throughout the process


  • A complete solution for hot climate markets
  • Market knowledge and expertise in chocolate oils and fats
  • A one-stop partner for the entire innovation and development process

Growth rates

growth rates
Current growth rates in chocolate markets around the world (Year-to-year growth in retail volume (tonnes)) Source: Euromonitor

Co-Development Process

Co-Development Process

Like to know more about the technology behind beating heat-related bloom in chocolate?

If you’re interested in exploring hot climate markets, our recent whitepaper is full of valuable insights and information about how TROPICAO as a novel approach prevents heat-related bloom while maintaining sensory functionality of chocolate.

  • The warm challenge for chocolate with existing heat-related bloom solutions.
  • The novelty of the TROPICAO solution.
  • Insights on how shelf life is improved in TROPICAO-based chocolate.

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