Stay true to your brand with uncompromised sensory

To give consumers the best possible experience with the chocolate product, all parameters must be taken into account – from the look, shape and mouthfeel to the snap, taste and texture

With TROPICAO, you get the best of both worlds, a solution that delivers heat-related bloom stability and one that maintains the sensory attributes of your chocolate.

The heat-stable chocolate will maintain its sensory in temperatures up to 37°C (98.6°F) so you can keep your brand promise and give consumers the best experience with your product and brand anywhere in the world, in any climate.

We know it is essential for you to keep your brand promise and deliver a quality chocolate product in every setting. But maintaining all of these sensory characteristics in a hot climate is a challenging task. With TROPICAO you can finally deliver the most consistent chocolate sensory and the best brand experience to your customers.

Choose TROPICAO for:

  • Improved bloom stability
  • Secured sensory properties
  • Premium brand experience

Heat treatment

Cocoa butter-based chocolate TROPICAO-based chocolate

Maintained sensory experience before heat treatment

before heat treatment
before heat treatment

Same sensory experience before heat treatment

Milk chocolate before heat treatment
Milk chocolate before heat treatment
Milk chocolate before heat treatment
After 37-25°C (98.6-77°F) Cocoa butter-based chocolate
After 37-25°C (98.6-77°F) TROPICAO™-based chocolate
After 37-25°C (98.6-77°F) TROPICAO-based chocolate

Like to know more about the technology behind beating heat-related bloom in chocolate?

If you’re interested in exploring hot climate markets, our recent whitepaper is full of valuable insights and information about how TROPICAO as a novel approach prevents heat-related bloom while maintaining sensory functionality of chocolate.

  • The warm challenge for chocolate with existing heat-related bloom solutions.
  • The novelty of the TROPICAO solution.
  • Insights on how shelf life is improved in TROPICAO-based chocolate.

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