Beat the bloom to minimize risk and maximize shelf life

In hot climate markets it can be difficult to keep the chocolate cool from production, to the supermarket shelf, and all the way home to the consumer

With TROPICAO it has been proven that chocolate will maintain heat-stability and will not bloom at temperatures up to 37°C (98.6°F) for 8-10 hours at a time, making it an ideal solution in hot climate markets. This will reduce the risk of product withdrawal and quality complaints.

Chocolate manufacturers and retailers have tried to find the perfect cooling path using packaging, cooling shelves, cold chains, and other heat-stabilizing solutions, but this often comes at a high cost and with trade-offs – which ultimately result in product withdrawals, quality complaints and a compromised brand experience for the consumer.

Not only will you experience fewer complaints, TROPICAO will also maximize the shelf life of your product due to greater heat-stability. According to our research, shelf life can be extended more than six months, making you less dependent on the cold chain, which can reduce transportation and storage costs.

Choose TROPICAO for:

  • Improved heat-stability
  • Extended shelf life
  • Reduced product withdrawal and quality complaints

TROPICAO-based chocolate compared to cocoa butter-based chocolate

Heat-related bloom stability

Before and after heat treatment • Temperature cycle: 5 x 37-25°C (98.6-91.4°F)

TROPICAO-based chocolate:


Cocoa butter-based chocolate:


Like to know more about the technology behind beating heat-related bloom in chocolate?

If you’re interested in exploring hot climate markets, our recent whitepaper is full of valuable insights and information about how TROPICAO as a novel approach prevents heat-related bloom while maintaining sensory functionality of chocolate.

  • The warm challenge for chocolate with existing heat-related bloom solutions.
  • The novelty of the TROPICAO solution.
  • Insights on how shelf life is improved in TROPICAO-based chocolate.

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