A simple solution with easy integration in your production line

The TROPICAO solution consists of three simple parts that can be easily integrated into your current production line while maintaining efficiency.

When using TROPICAO, the chocolate production follows all of the standard steps from mixing to molding and enrobing. The TROPICAO Seeder is compatible with all process lines and can be easily integrated into your production. Installation, testing and evaluation will take approximately 1-3 days*. (*This may vary from site to site)

The TROPICAO CBI can be added during the mixing or conching phase. The next phase, tempering, is crucial to heat-stability. It is in this phase that the TROPICAO Seeder unit is attached to the existing tempering unit and the TROPICAO Seeds are infused. The Seeder can add the TROPICAO Seeds at any stage in the cooling and heating regime of the tempering cycle. Afterwards, the production continues on to the final stage of molding or enrobing.

With the TROPICAO solution, the TROPICAO Seeder has the added benefit of removing excess chocolate flow during enrobing. With standard enrobers, up to 80 percent of the chocolate is often returned, as only 20-30 percent is actually used when enrobing the chocolate. With the TROPICAO Seeder’s enrober upgrade, the flow of chocolate into the enrober matches the output, so there is no return of chocolate. This upgrade involves redirecting a pipe in the enrober, resulting in a more stable chocolate viscosity and a more uniform and better quality enrobing.

Both the solution and the production setup have been carefully tested internally and externally and proven to ensure a fully integrated solution.


  • Maintained production efficiency
  • Easy installation and integration to current production line
  • More uniform and better quality enrobings

The chocolate making process with TROPICAO

The chocolate making process with TROPICAO

Like to know more about the technology behind beating heat-related bloom in chocolate?

If you’re interested in exploring hot climate markets, our recent whitepaper is full of valuable insights and information about how TROPICAO as a novel approach prevents heat-related bloom while maintaining sensory functionality of chocolate.

  • The warm challenge for chocolate with existing heat-related bloom solutions.
  • The novelty of the TROPICAO solution.
  • Insights on how shelf life is improved in TROPICAO-based chocolate.

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