Unlock the full potential of hot climate markets

The hot climate markets like Turkey, China, Brazil and India still represent the strongest growth rates for the chocolate and confectionary industry. However the climatic conditions make providing the perfect chocolate to consumers difficult.

In these markets your chocolate will likely be subjected to repeating heat cycles, encouraging bloom and ultimately affecting quality. This can result in recalls and complaints, and compromise the brand experience.

TROPICAO from AAK is our unique solution that will help your chocolate products remain bloom-free, while maintaining the sensory experience in temperatures up to 37°C.

Overview of hot climate markets

  • High growth rates and offer great maket potential.
  • High temperatures and heat-instability makes it difficult ot provide perfect chocolate to consumers.
  • TROPICAO helps you beat the bloom while securing sensory attributes.


growth rates
Current growth rates in chocolate markets around the world (Year-to-year growth in retail volume (tonnes)) Source: Euromonitor

Discover how TROPICAO helps keep chocolate in perfect condition through repeated heat cycles

Proven and tested to prevent bloom

TROPICAO has proven to prevent the risk of bloom in repeating heat cycles in temperatures up to 37°C. Chocolate with and without TROPICAO was exposed to the same conditions as those experienced in hot climate markets. The chocolate without TROPICAO bloomed noticeably, while the chocolate with TROPICAO maintained perfect shape and sensory attributes, and remained bloom free.

TROPICAO-based chocolate

  • Is heat-stable in temperatures up to 37°C.
  • Maintains its sensory attributes such as snap, taste, mouthfeel and texture.

BEFORE AND AFTER HEAT TREATMENT • Temperature cycle: 5 x 37-25°C (98.6-91.4°F)

TROPICAO-based chocolate:


Cocoa butter-based chocolate:


Like to know more about the technology behind beating heat-related bloom in chocolate?

If you’re interested in exploring hot climate markets, our recent whitepaper is full of valuable insights and information about how TROPICAO as a novel approach prevents heat-related bloom while maintaining sensory functionality of chocolate.

  • The warm challenge for chocolate with existing heat-related bloom solutions.
  • The novelty of the TROPICAO solution.
  • Insights on how shelf life is improved in TROPICAO-based chocolate.

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What does heat-stable TROPICAO mean for your product?

Working closely with you to develop the best product possible

At AAK, we understand your business and the markets you operate in. We know how important it is to have a partner that can collaborate across the value chain.

Through our Co-Development approach we work closely with you and explore opportunities as partners, developing innovative solutions to meet all your needs.

With wide-ranging capabilities, AAK can assist at all phases – from scoping, testing and guidance on how to improve production to formulation evaluation.

start beating the bloom today

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